At Soap Ethics, all our products are created in small batches by hand. We use the cold process of soapmaking which is the act of mixing fixed oils (common oils include Olive, Coconut, Essential oils, etc…) with an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide) to result in a chemical process called saponification. This is how the composition of the oils change to create a soap. Once combined, we hand pour our soap mixture into our handmade pine boxes and cover. After a few days, we cut the block of soap into logs and then each bar by hand and place on racks to air dry or “cure.” Once slightly hardened, we hand trim each bar to soften and bevel the soap for a more finished look. This creates a glycerin loaded bar that is wonderful for your skin. Plus, patience is a virtue as we cure for a minimum of 6 weeks. Now you know why our Oatmeal Lavender is named “Patience.” We practice it daily.

Once cured and ready for use, we assemble our 100% post consumer recycled boxes. Then, each label is applied by hand to each box. We then insert products into the boxes and we are ready to hand them over to you. We do the same for our lip balms, misters and lotions. We take tremendous pride in our care and attention to the details of our process. We hope you enjoy our products.