Soap Ethics is a small handmade skincare producer that creates a natural plant based line of products using 100% vegan and pure essential oils. Our journey was a gradual awareness of the wellness conversation taking place around us. The more we learned about what we were using on our skin, the more our concerns grew. So we decided to create natural bath and body products that were good for your skin. All our products are 100% vegan and free of:

animal by-products * gluten* parabens * phthalates* synthetic fragrances
* foaming agents such as SLS (or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).


Ethics. noun./eth-iks/ It is the method of how we categorize our values and pursue them. We set a standard of values to which all goals are compared to and then make the choices to achieve happiness in our lives. At Soap Ethics we value qualities such as integrity, modesty, faith and vitality. So we not only injected these virtues into making our product line, we named all our products after a unique virtue. Spray on some Vitality. Lather on some Confidence. Apply some Modesty to those lips. We invite you to join the health and wellness dialogue and take control of what you apply on your body. Have the audacity to demand better for yourself.